• Vientiane College

Young Learner Program


The Vientiane College Pathways: Young Learner Program aims to inspire children to become confident and proficient English language users by engaging them with interesting and creative content to stimulate their thinking skills. 

The Young Learner Program is divided in to two levels to cater for different age groups:

The Junior Program

Juniors, from 6 - 12 years of age, follow the Footprints course, designed to help children develop all language skills through balanced and integrated activities. Emphasis is placed on the reading of 'real books' and 'graded English books' as well as phonics and comprehension tasks.  

  • JPRE - A one-stage course designed to provide lower level learners' with a solid foundation in English.
  • Junior Elementary - A five-stage course for junior elementary level students.
  • Junior Pre-Intermediate - A five-stage course for junior pre-intermediate level students.
  • Junior Intermediate - A three-stage course for junior intermediate level students

On completion of the Junior Program, or at the age of 13, students may test in to the Young Learner Senior Program.

Senior Program

Seniors, from 13-16 years of age, follow the English in Mind course which combines engaging content with a strong focus on grammar and vocabulary.  Extended reading and writing activities are also included in this program.

  • Senior Elementary - A five-stage course for senior elementary level students.
  • Senior Pre-Intermediate - A five-stage course for senior pre-intermediate level students.
  • Senior Intermediate - A four-stage course for senior intermediate level students.

On completion of the Senior Program, or at the age of 16, students may test in to the General English Program.