English for Young Learners

The Start of a Learning Journey

Vientiane College’s range of young learner programs will help your young child or teenager develop a lifelong love of learning while preparing them for the challenges of the modern world.


The Discover English Program at Vientiane College is a four-stage program for our youngest learners stating at age 7.

The course materials (‘Discover’ and ‘Look’) will help your child build their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.  In the initial stages, the ‘Oxford Phonics World’ and ‘Oxford Reading Tree’ programs we use provide a step by step approach to learning to read in English.

We understand the importance of engagement in the learning process. Classes are designed around interesting “big questions” and your child will practise and extend their English skills through working together on projects.

The students will also develop the learning skills and dispositions needed for success.

For more information click here for English or here for ພາສາລາວ.

($400 per term)

World Program

The three – stage World Program for teenagers focuses on using English for meaningful communication.

The course materials (‘World English’ and ‘Impact’) feature authentic photos and text from National Geographic. Engaging with these will help to expand knowledge of the world while building reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Participation in all activities is the key to success. We know that students sometimes get things wrong but we also understand that trying, even when you are not sure, is the most important thing.

We also promote development of 21st century skills (collaboration, communication, critical thinking & creativity)  needed in a rapidly changing world. 

For more information click here for English or here for ພາສາລາວ.

($400 per term)

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